Saturday, February 19, 2011

New Blocks

Waking up on Saturday morning is as much fun as Fridays now.  Saturday means a new Civil War Block from Barbara Brackman's BOW

Today it was Cotton Boll. 

I did mine this way:

Cut four 4 1/2" squares from the striped fabric.  I had to cut it on the bias to get my stripes the way I wanted them, so I starched it heavily first and was very careful handling it. 

Then I dispensed with the 1/8" measurements and cut (8) 3" squares from background fabric.  I sewed them on two corners of each big square as you would snowball corners.  After pressing the resulting triangles, you can trim the fabric from behind, or leave it as you prefer.  But be sure to check that you pieces match up correctly before doing that.  If you are careful in marking a sewing line on the background squares and in positioning them on the bigger squares, you shouldn't have any problems.

Sorry I didn't take pictures but this is such a simple and frequently used method (sew and flip corners) that I hope everyone understands what I did.

Yesterday I made two of the Block 7 Sawtooth 16 Patch from ThreadHead

I really enjoy making these. I used this block for a wedding quilt for a granddaughter a few years ago.

In this case I set the blocks on point and added pieced sashing to create friendship stars between the bigger blocks.  I need to make another of those!


Mad about Craft said...

Beautiful quilt!!! I love star quilts.

I'm going to try your way of doing the civil war block.

Cheryl Willis said...

great job using those stripes the way you want too. bet this would look neat fussy cut with a farbric that has movement, kinda like a stack and whack. cw

Helen said...

Hi Mary!

Sunday morning here and just about to work on the new block! Glad to read your method, as it makes sense to me!!

I'll let you know how I get on,

Have a great day,

Crispy said...

The block is great Mary. I can almost hear a lot of shuddering in blogland over you cutting the piece on the bias LOL.


Cheryl said...

We think alike. That is how I will construct mine today. Your QAL blocks are all so pretty and the wedding quilt is lovely.

Karen Wilson said...

I love this block done in stripes.

I didn't do stripes, but I used your method of constructing this block.
See my block here