Saturday, February 19, 2011

Corn & Beans

You'd think a girl that lived 40 years in Iowa would get along well with corn and beans.  I like to eat them.  I've worked in the fields hoeing and destassling them.  (I prefer the former).

But I certainly have never liked sewing them.  Block 8 for the Threadhead Quilt Along is called Corn and Beans.  This has always been a block that gave me fits for some reason.  Too many points coming together I guess.  And of course I had to make two of them.  Ugh!  But they are done.


Deanna said...

As a fellow Thread-head quilter, I just had to say that your blocks look pretty good to me. It may have been a fight, but you won.

Karen Wilson said...

Those blocks look great!! Excellent fabric combinations.

It is the sort of block design that I think looks rather plain, but then when I think about all the seams and triangles and everything I realise I don't think I'd want to have to sew them LOL

Cheryl Willis said...

great job, well worth the effort- cw

Roos said...

Yes, you did it:0)
Great work.

Crispy said...

The blocks look great to me!! I didn't know you are suppose to detassle corn. I thought you needed tassles for the corn kernels to grow. Shows what this big city girl knows LOL


Cheryl said...

A challenging block, but yours came out beautifully!

Barb said...

I could live on corn and your blocks!!

Sunna Reyr said...

Hi, long time no see, this block (which I think you did fine with) is actually a favorite of mine, somehow bias has never bothered me. I guess it's because soon after I started quilting I made triangle quilts for all my kids without knowing it's supposed to be difficult. Lol.

Loved reading up on all the posts you've made since last I visited and you're beautiful blocks sent me over to the Thread Head and I'm mighty tempted, but I would (will) only make one of each block. I do better with smaller quilts.

I'm sorry about your friend granddaughter, it sure is hard to understand sometimes.