Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring Projects

I've heard from several online friends who were concerned that since I wasn't blogging I had also burned out on quilting.  Not at all!  I've been busy, though probably not as busy as I used to stay.  Don't know if I've become lazier or if old age is just setting in, but things do seem to take longer than they used to.  When I first started quilting 10 years ago I completed 10-20 quilts a year with ease.  I just don't think that is going to happen anymore. 

But I have been piecing and quilting.

First off I finished the little hexie table mat using the vintage hexies cut out by my grandmother. 

Some of these fabrics are really old and also thin and I wouldn't have used some of them if this was going to be a quilt that will be washed and used.  But I so wanted to use all these pieces Grandma had cut out. This is the last of this size of hexies and it will be a treasured piece.

Then I made three more T-shirt quilts for our daughter-in-law, using T-shirts that belonged to the brother she lost to cancer in April 2011. 

Nothing fancy about any of them..just t-shirts all cut the same size and put together without sashing.  I used fleece for backing and they are nice and cuddly.  Perfect recliner/couch quilts.  DIL Deb kept the first one I made in December; she gave the next two to her other brother and her mother.  The fourth one was for my son, Jeff.  He's a Steeler's fan so I used licensed Steeler's fleece on the back of his.  I'm glad to have these done as making t-shirt quilts is not my favorite kind of project.

Right after Christmas I started piecing a scrap quilt using the keyhole pattern I kept seeing all over the internet. I particularly liked this quilt so I drafted my own pattern and added cornerstones in the sashing. I quilted it a couple weeks ago and it is now added to my finished pile.

It was a fun way to use up lots of different 2 1/2" squares that were already cut and stored in one of my bins.  That makes for a super fast quilt.

Because I always like to have a hand project going to work on in the evenings I started a big (as in ultimate size of the quilt) project using small (3/4") hexies.  I designed the quilt in EQ5. Here is  what I hope to make (pretend it is all scrappy diamonds.

This is what I've done so far

Monday I started piecing a sofa quilt for my mother-in-law who will be turning 90 in June.  It's ready to be quilted.

It's been a beautiful spring despite a storm that brought 110mph winds through our neighborhood last month. This morning Tom found this tiny daffodil blooming in our yard.  I'd forgotten that I used to have a big group of them.

Next week Tom and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary.

 We'll be spending time in AZ at our son and DIL's.  We'll also get to finally meet our great-grandson, Bryce, who turned 1 last January. 

He'll be flying to AZ from MA with his parents.  So looking forward to spoiling him a bit!  We'll also celebrate Tom's 65th birthday as well as Easter.

Until next time..............