Friday, February 18, 2011

Cross in a Square

Week 8 of the 1880's Sampler Quilt.  Waking up on Friday's is now a fun thing as I look forward to each new block in this project.  After working on the larger blocks for the ThreadHead Quiltalong earlier this week, it was fun working with a little one again (5"  unfinished).

Today's block is called Cross in a Square.  I took some liberties with fabric placements from the original.  After it was done I realized these are pretty much the colors I used last week.  Oh well...there are many more to come and no set arrangement.


Cheryl said...

Good job, Mary. I am glad you are enjoying these blocks.

Barb said...

Oh...this is a wonderful block!

Roos said...

Wow, another beautifull block.

Crispy said...

Love this block!! There is something so very satisfying about making little blocks :0)