Friday, February 18, 2011

Kate McRae

I've had a link to Kate's story on my sidebar for the last year or so.  Her grandmother is from my hometown and we worked together as nurses many years ago.  Her precious Kate is facing new challenges in her battle with an aggressive brain cancer. 

The tests over the last two weeks have confirmed that there is new cancer growth.
Please watch this beautiful video and then, if praying is something you can do, please say a prayer for Kate and her family and continue to do so until this battle is won. 

Thank you


Cheri said...

Prayed and will continue. Hugs!

Sherry said...

Kate will be in my prayers and so will her sibs and her parents. Please keep us in touch.
As being a Hospice volunteer I do know there are miracles that thy can no explain.

Mary Lou Casada said...

Father God, there is no prayer that I can pray for Kate that has not been prayed by her family and friends and countless others all over the I commit her and this beautiful family to Your care and Your Word. You know the plans you have for her; You know the story of her life and her cancer and her family and all who are touched by Your work and Your hand upon them. You speak healing; You are the healer; You speak peace, You are peace! You speak comfort, You are comfort! You speak life, You are life. Be all these things and more to this family and this child!
In the name of Christ Jesus!! and by Your power and might, let it be so.
Thanks for sharing this, Mary. It touches my heart and makes me so thankful. I will continue to lift them up!
Mary Lou

Cheryl said...

Mary Lou's pray is so beautiful! My prayers go out to this family and child!