Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Cornbread Problem

I liked cornbread when I was a kid.  It was served fairly often for the school lunch program.  I don't remember what they served it with, but I remember the cornbread.  They either always made too much, or there weren't that many kids that did like it (this was Iowa..not the deep south), because there was always a lot left over for the next day.  When this happened they would put it on a side table that was an "all you can eat" offer.  And I would eat a lot of it..smothered with white Karo syrup.  (I know..yuck!)  We didn't have it often, if at all, at home, so I took advantage.

One evening, after a day of eating lots of cornbread for lunch I got  sick.  I'm sure it was probably just a flu bug or something, but I always blamed the cornbread.  And for years I could barely look at cornbread.  I still can't eat it often, or much (and definitely not with Karo syrup).

Do any of you have associations that put you off a particular food?

I said all that to share of my new favorite  breads.  I found this recipe for a yeast cornbread in a Taste of Home magazine a year or so ago.  It has enough cornmeal in it to please Tom, and not enough to trigger my bad reaction.  It makes wonderful toast too!  The recipe can be found on the link above.

I made a loaf last night.  Yum!

It's setting on the beautiful table runner I won on Stichingquilt.  It came yesterday and I love it.  Thank you, Elaine!
Update to the temperature issue.  Tom recalled that I turned the thermostat down when our grandson was putting in the new kitchen floor.  Being young and healthy and working hard, he was feeling like he was in a sauna.  Guess we never turned it back up.  No wonder I've been complaining about being cold so much lately! 
Additionally we don't have water.  Had it when I got up and made coffee, but now we don't.  Before I panicked and called a plumber, I called the neighbors and they don't have water either, so apparently it's a city problem.  Hope it doesn't take too long to fix.


karenfae said...

I made this bread several time a couple years ago and lost the recipe, this looks like it might be the same - thanks for posting it, I have printed it out and will make it later.

Barb said...

Oh...cornbread is wonderful, we didn't have much money growing up so it was always cornbread and beans, cornbread and macaroni and tomatoes (yuck)...etc...

what a lovely runner it is on,.

Deputy's Wife said...

Mine is sunflower seeds. I ate so much once when I was a kid, I can't even stand the smell of them now!!! I hate it when people put them on salads. YUCK! I hope your water gets turned on soon...

Mama Koch said...

I puked my guts out on BBQ when I was pregnant with my first son...he's 29 and I still can't stand the smell of it!

It was -7 here this morning too, and too darn cold to be going to work but I did.

Crispy said...

I love cornbread but don't make it often because Bob hates it. I hope the water lines aren't broken somewhere. Nothin' worse than not having water!!


Anonymous said...

When I was a baby I got sick after eating strawberry ice cream. I vomited in my crib (and yes I remember that!) and was maybe 18 months old or thereabouts. I could not eat it until I was an older adult, and I still don't want it, but I can eat it if I happen to have it served.