Saturday, February 12, 2011


Wow..we are supposed to climb to nearly 50º today.  Last night our "snow frog" started getting brave.

Hope he comes out all the way today!

I made my weekly 1880's Sampler block yesterday

And today's Civil War Quilt block was an easy Log Cabin.

Finally, a 2011 finish! Yesterday I got the binding on the Christmas Cabin quilt and washed and dried it so it is now nice and cuddly.

I love using stripes and plaids for binding

We had a nice visit from the two oldest great-grands Thursday afternoon.  They are growing like the proverbial weeds!

Maison, the youngest is just about too big for Grandpa's horse

Happy Saturday!


Cheryl said...

Your log cabin looks great! I had a wooden rocking horse when I was a child!!

karenfae said...

things are melting here today too - up to 48 and just noon. So glad! I'm ready for spring now for sure. I have been trapped at home since Tuesday - luckily my car should be able to get free from the ice in the driveway today or tomorrow - I love my new car but now wish I had gotten 4 wheel drive instead.

Helen said...

Log Cabin! thank heavens for that! simple is good! Lovely 1880's block too. I need to get some of my PHD's out and get a finish for 2011 too!

Looking into those photos with the Grandkids I can see parts of your lovely home - all decorated with quilts! My home is very open plan with hardly any real wall space:-( Seeing your rooms has inspired me to get a few of my quilts out and FIND a place for them!

Crispy said...

We are in a warm up now too which means battling ice instead of snow. Gotta get that ice cleared away for the next deep freeze or we will be on our behinds a lot LOL.

Great blocks and the HOORAY for the beautiful finish!!


Sharon said...

The snow is melting here as excited to hear the extended forecast for Kansas City...60 by the end of the week! Your log cabin is gorgeous! I am working on the Barbara Brackman blocks too. I love any fabric that is repro! Found you by way of Cheryl...I want to join in on the blocks she is doing, but have not found the time.

Karen said...

The Log Cabin quilt is wonderful! There are so many ways to set blocks and this style quilt always gets my attention!