Friday, August 6, 2010


I may not have as many as some folks... (Tea for instance)....but I have way more than I wish I had.  The urge to start something new is always strong. And there's that Dutch Treat #2 to finish.

But I do need to get some of these quilted.  In an effort to shame myself into making some progress on them, here is a report card by age. 

Thangles BOM Nov 2006
There were 12 blocks in this BOM..I bought three kits each month and added 24 more blocks, all using squares and HST's.

                                              Dandy Doodle BOM Dec 2006
Don't even remember the website that offered this now.  I had 13 different BOM's going that year and making them all from stash.

Charming Nines Jan 2007
Vintage scraps.  Each nine patch has a different fabric..a true charm quilt.
For some dumb reason I had grey thread in my bottom when I was adding some of the blocks.  Didn't realize it until I had sewed a LOT of it.  I was also using cotton on top and poly in the bobbin and because of this the ends of the seams wanted to pull apart and showed the grey thread.  Now I need to take a LOT of it apart and do it right! Lesson learned!!!!!!!

One Block Wonder  Wall hanging Jan 2009
Just playing with some wild fabric I bought as a remnant

Stack 'n Whack Feb 2009
Workshop by Jan Campbell for our guild. I worked on  my Imperial Gardens One Block Wonder that day and then made this a month later.  It's huge and I get tired just thinking about manipulating it through my domestic machine.

Brown Remembering Grandma Nov 2009
Not technically a full grown flimsy yet as I still want to add some major applique in that wide plain outer border.

Dinah's Delight Mystery Quilt Dec 2009
Another of Cynthia's great scrap patterns.  Really need to get this quilted but can't decide what I want to do with it.

Stars in Grandma's Garden  Jan 2010
Another use of the block I call "Remembering Grandma".  This time the blocks are the same but set with pieced sashing to form the dark stars.

Baltimore Album Sampler Feb 2010
Well we know this one is going to gain some age before I get brave enough to tackle quilting it!

Dalmatians Baby Quilt May 2010
Easy quilting job..I just need to get 'er done!

Strawberry Milk Baby Quilt May 2010

Lynn Brown Orange Co. Baltimore July 2010
This is going to hang out with the other Baltimore top while I gain inspiration, confidence and energy!

Dear Jane My Way July 2010
I plan to hand quilt this in section so it's not totally joined.  Also will add an appliqued border I think, but not until the rest is I said...My Way!

Okay..have I shamed myself properly to get busy?  I would if only the fingers of my right hand weren't screaming in pain after doing something dumb yesterday (no, not a rotary cutter).  Even typing hurts so I'll quit for now.  We're not going to discuss the UFO's and BOM's that haven't reached the flimsy stage.


Lynn said...

A lot of very pretty quilts in the bunch!

quiltmom said...

What wonderful flimsies- I hope your hand is soon feeling better so that you can get quilting all your beautiful work.
Thanks for sharing.
Warmest regards,

Caroline in NH said...

Wow. You are so talented, and very inspirational. I especially love the Charming Nines, the Baltimore Album, and your version of Dear Jane (fantastic setting!)

Sherry said...

So pretty. I'm gald I'm not the only one that has many UFOs. Well lets see what you do once your fingers are better.

Linda said...

Your flimsies are beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished quilts. I hope your hand/fingers heal quickly.

Crispy said...

You were very brave listing all your flimsies but I'm glad you did, they are beautiful!! You will get them done....eventually :0)


Micki said...

Those quilts are just wonderful eye candy!

Donna said...

I love all your quilts, Mary. I hope your fingers have healed by now.