Monday, August 9, 2010

Lesson Learned

No matter how old we are there are still lessons to be learned.  The one I learned last week, is IF YOU ARE GOING TO USE BLEACH WATER TO WASH KITCHEN CABINETS, BE SURE TO WEAR GLOVES.  On the spur of the moment I decided to wash the front of a couple painted kitchen cabinets last Thursday.  Things were going fine and I was almost done when suddenly the tips of three fingers on my right hand starting BURNING.  I don't mean tingling, I mean BURNING!  I rinsed my hand under cool running water and it still kept BURNING!  I rinsed some more with no noticeable relief.  I put aloe lotion on. Nothing. I put Vitamin E cream on. Nothing.  I put topical anesthetic cream on. Nothing.  It took about half an hour to get any relief whatsoever.  NEVER DO THIS!  I know I won't again.  This was 2 days later.

Luckily I discovered that I use the side of my right middle finger to push the needle when I applique, so I wasn't slowed much in working on my Dutch Treat blocks.

#127 Poirot

#128 Pussy Willow

#129 Pyramid

#130 Queen of Spades

#131 Remembrance

#132 Riot of Growth

#133 Rotunda

Two new siggies arrived in the last week.

Rita from North Dakota writes of an interesting life with brief sojourns in France and the Czech Republic.  Her stamped flower looks like an hibiscus, but I may be wrong.

Helen, from Australia, embroidered this darling koala on her siggie.  Reading  the letters that accompany these little blocks is so interesting.  Quilters all over the world seem to have so much in common.

I also managed to quilt another of the baby quilt flimsies on Friday but still haven't finished binding it.  I'll go work on that now and should have a picture to share tomorrow.

Happy Monday!


Linda said...

Wow, I'm glad you stopped when you did. I guess the bleach ate away at your most sensitive areas. (Looks like a quilter to me). I'm glad you are on the mend and this didn't slow you down too much. As you say, lesson learned. Your Dutch Treat blocks look great. Are you making this one the same size as the last? Is this one for you or is this going to be a gift? And, last but not least how many signature blocks do you have now and how long have you been swapping? I have been asked to participate in this swap and I'm trying to decide what to do. Take care.

Mama Koch said...

OUCHIE! I've never had a reaction to bleach like that.
Dutch Treat looks wonderful.

Betweens said...

Mary just to go one step further when you are using any chemical cleaning agent use gloves even dish detergent (some are strong) your skin absorbs these chemicals and it goes to your wear gloves anytime you are cleaning with agents.
I hope you heal quickly cause I love to see your Dutch Treat Blocks

Crispy said...

Ow!! The silly things we do sometimes!! More great blocks Mary :0)


Riley said...

OUCH on your fingers! You REALLY had a reaction to that bleach!

Beautiful blocks on your Dutch Treat! You are really good at this reverse applique!

Sherry said...

I can not believe you are do you quilting blocks. Well your doing a great job. You are so amazing.