Thursday, August 5, 2010

Exploding Star Pattern

Thank you all for the nice comments on my fair wins.

And to Gwynette in NW Arkansas  who inquired about the source of the Exploding Star pattern.  I could not reply directly to you as you are set as "no reply".  The pattern is by Teajuana Mahone. Her blog is here and her website is here


Teaquilts said...

I'm Johnny come lately, but wanted to congratulate you on the fair wins too! I've never known anyone who won so many ribbons in one show. You have such awesome work that it's hard to pick just one favorite (and I know as I've seen some of them in person.)

Also, thanks for referring the blogger about the pattern.

ggthacker said...

I didn't mean to do that, Mary. I am NOT a fan of BLOGGER comments. If you don't have a blog or other IDENTITY, it's hard to post a comment or I'm extremely challenged... LOL!!! Thanks for telling me it's TEA's blog. I do read her's on 'Design Monday'.

Gwynette in NW ARKANSAS