Saturday, May 2, 2009

Uniform Dedication

I guess it's a family thing. My oldest son Mike's most recent official picture taken last month.

And his son and daughter..taken last month while Greg was back in the states on R & R from Afghanistan. Kelley is an EMT for an ambulance company in Massachusetts.

Guess it must also be a family thing to not smile when you're in uniform.


Stitch-n-quilt said...

Nice pictures of your family.
I was looking at photos of your quilts from years past. I really like the artsy quilts- sunflowers, swans and winter scape. I only went through the first 3 or 4 years, but I would encourage you in that kind. They are lovely. Maybe I just like that style more than patchwork. Elaine

Crispy said...

Well being in uniform is serious business.....but you might mention that smiling is a good thing too LOL. Great pictures of your family Mary.


Sunna Reyr said...

The resemblance between them is obvious. And smile or not, a very handsome (for lack of a better word) family.