Friday, May 1, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

The rain just keeps coming. According to the TV we've had 2.5 inches so far today. Seems like a lot more. Just before noon, the drainage ditch that runs through our property was out of it's banks. A dead tree that was cut up and waiting for our lawn keeper to haul away, floated here and there. The water had obviously been higher prior to me taking these pictures. I was busy doing paperwork for Tom's retirement on the computer and not paying attention to how hard it was raining.

Brick bridge about 10 feet from our back door. See the chunk of wood and chair that floated?

To the east of our house the ditch bends from north/south to east/west. It's slightly out of it's banks here. All of the cut up tree was piled only a couple of pieces left.

East of our house..another wooden and iron bridge with the water going THROUGH it instead of UNDER it.

We've had much worse, many times. The following pics were in 2007 and these weren't even the worse we've seen. Remember the picture above of the ditch making a curve? This is the same area only the whole yard is under.

Looking out our kitchen widow to the East..see the wooden/iron bridge just barely visible in the upper left corner.

The brick bridge behind our house. On several occasions we've had water going over the TOP of the brick sides. Guess it almost is in this picture.

Looking out the back windows at the water churning out from under the brick bridge and also going over the top.

There are more pictures of some of the damage flooding has done in our yard in My Garden album on Photobucket. Page two has pictures of one of the times the wood/iron bridge itself was picked up and carried across the yard.
I'm ready for the rain to stop any time now.


Crispy said...

Wow Mary, I hope your house stays high and dry!! I'll send some of our wind and warm weather your way.


Sherry said...

I'm putting you in my prayer so your rain stops. Hope things are Ok with you. I keep in touch.

Annika said...

Oh, thats a lot of rain. Crossing my fingers you will all be OK.

Jacquie said...

Looks familiar to me!! I remember the floods of Pittsburg well. Exciting news of Tom's retirement - when?

Susan said...

Oh my...I hope you all dry out soon!

Sunna Reyr said...

Wow, that is a lot of water, and everything is so green. I was out in my garden just now taking photos for my blog and after seeing your photos, well.... there just is no comparison. It can't be only spring at your place.