Saturday, April 25, 2009

Plum Wine & Sukiyaki

I think it may be that the busier we are the more we can get done. At least it seems to work that way for me. I had so much going on this week....quilt show, workshop, guild meeting, two doctor's appointments, funeral luncheon to bake for...........but believe it or not I managed to pull out a top I pieced in Sept 2005 and got it quilted and bound in the last two days.

I was inspired to make this quilt after seeing another quilt made with Drunkard's Path blocks and Oriental fabric. I was scared to death of curved piecing, yet curious enough that I wanted to challenge myself. I was also wanting to stretch my fabric selections beyond my traditional scrappy choices. So everything about this quilt was new and different for me. I liked how it turned out, but then I was unsure how to quilt it and so it got folded and put on a shelf for nearly 4 years.

But then I joined the Finish Challenge.............

I decided that the blocks and fabrics were so busy that all of the fancy quilting I'd previously played with in my mind would just be lost. So I went with an overall looping stipple and I'm happy with the texture it gives it. I think I'll be even happier when it comes out of the washer and dryer (it's being washed as I write).

I've called this quilt "Sukiyaki" since I started it. But yesterday I realized I couldn't resist tweaking the name to play on the fact they are Drunkard's Path blocks. So it is now "Sukiyaki and Plum Wine".

Low light showing some texture before the binding was hand sewn on the back.

It measures 68 X 76" finished.
And I can cross another WISP off my list (quickly before I add a new one!)


Barb said...

Mary, that is so an "awwwwwwah" moment for me, that is so beautiful. You do such amazing quilts. Do you know where I can find that pattern?

Crispy said...

Oh Mary that is just beautiful!!! I love the name you gave it too (did your husband come up with a more creative name? LOL). Your right, the loopy quilting gave it very nice texture and any fancy stitching would have been lost.


Sunna Reyr said...

I'm in the city now, spent seven hours today driving here. Am now using DD1 laptop and thought the colors in the quilt were much to blurry for my taste. Then had another look and there just was someting not right. Hm.... opened the laptop a little better and then I really saw the quilt. It's beautiful, but then so are all the other quilts I've seen that you have done.

karenfae said...

I love that pattern - it looks so different depending on the colors and fabric - I think I have made at least 4 using the drunkard's path and they all look different.

Donna said...

Oh, Mary, that quilt is absolutely beautiful! The fabrics just work together fabulously.

Mama Koch said...

I'm not a purple person, but I'll become a PLUM person after seeing that! It's georgous!