Saturday, April 25, 2009

More Mail Goodies

I don't know how I ever got so lucky to have met a good friend like Geta..but look what I received from Romania yesterday? Isn't this gorgeous?

This beautiful example of Geta's shadow trapunto work is 10" square. And makes my feeble attempt look pretty pathetic.

Wish you could see it in's wonderful. Thank you, Geta!!!!!

The mail also brought a couple more siggies this week.

From Ericka in Hungary
Cuny in The Netherlands
Thank you ladies for swapping with me. I love getting your siggies.

I finished a very old WISP last night. Pics later today.


Crispy said...

OMGosh that is just beautiful!!! She is one talented lady!!


West Michigan Quilter said...

That is just beautiful. You are so lucky. She is so talented. I love to see what she's doing. Let us see how you are progressing too. It will be an inspiration to us who are afraid to try. Thanks for sharing.

karenfae said...

beautiful work - I look at her site too everything she does is so pretty.

Jean said...

You are one lucky girl!!!!