Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saturday's Siggie & Snow

Another siggie arrived in Saturday's mail. This one is from Renee in The Netherlands. Isn't her little mouse cute?

It snowed pretty steadily yesterday afternoon. The temps hovered just above the freezing point so a lot of it melted pretty quickly. I know it's still March, but the warm weather a week or two ago was so much better. The good news is we are supposed to get to about 50ยบ today and into the 60's tomorrow.


Crispy said...

Oh Mary I'm so glad that you didn't get hit hard wih snow. We are hunkering down for another snow storm that is suppose to last from tonight through Monday and into Tuesday. Even the minimums should be no less than 6 inches and probably more, bummer LOL.


Anonymous said...

Our warm spring days were interrupted this weekend with cold temps and yesterday we had flurries, just enough to be a tease. I suspect that the warm days will soon return; typical spring. Spring was always my least favorite season for the reasons for the fickle weather but once the warmth of May comes to stay I'm content.

Sunna Reyr said...

After bad storm for the last 40 hours I'm looking at a bright blue sky (okay, with a lot of clouds), but not to worry, it will start to snow again soon enough. Lol. They say there will be another storm tomorrow, but as long it's not blowing from the West or S-West we are okay (the snow blows away from our houses and the farmyard does not fill up).
I hope your eye is mended and all is well.