Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun Mail

I love getting mail these days! Today three siggy blocks arrived, each one precious.

Puck from The Netherlands
Josette from France
Rose Marie from Canada
Rose Marie shared a wonderful story about collecting maple syrup as a child with her father and brothers.

Puck asked me to make a Christmas siggy for her collection so in place of my normal sunflower Sue I made this one. Hope she likes it.


Barb said...

Love the siggy blocks, makes mail time fun???

Anonymous said...

These are SO cool...a great way to share the love.

Paule said...

Hi Mary
I live in England and i am on the international siggy list through a link i have come across your blog and i love reading it so i would like to swap a siggy with you but cant find your address on the list if you like to swap with me please send me your address
best wishes to Tom on his Birthday and a happy Easter to both of you .

Mary L. said...

Paule..I found your name on my list and have sent you an email. Will also put a siggie in the mail to you tomorrow.