Thursday, April 2, 2009

Good Thursday

Today started off well with a phone call from our grandson, Greg, who is back in the US on leave from Afghanistan. Wish we could see him, but just knowing he is safe for the next two weeks is wonderful.

Trying to get back in the routine with progress on some of my ongoing projects. Yesterday I made a Dear Jane block..I-9 "Chase A Myth". It is paper pieced and has 41 pieces. Only 16 more blocks to finish in the center section.

And a Dutch Treat block..."Nappa Valley"...40 more of these blocks to do.
Lastly I did the applique that was March's BOM for My Secret Garden and was able to put this section together.

Time to do a little piecing on some other projects.


Crispy said...

How nice to know your grandson is home safe, I hope all this fighting stops soon and all the boys and girls can come home.

As always, your blocks are great, you sure are a productive lady :0)


Barb said...

You do wonderful applique...I love it.

I am glad that your grandson is safe, like you say for atleast two weeks more. I had a friend email me and she was sooooooo unhappy, cryiing all of the time. Her son left yesterday for Afaghanstan...I felt so bad for her and wanted to cry with her. I love her son, he is my son's bestfriend. My son is in Iraq right now. What we moms and grandmoms have to endure.

Anonymous said...

I admire all these intricate quilt blocks that you make. I'm a quilt-wimp and stick to only easy stuff. :D
If my oldest grandson was in the military and off in a war, I would be so grieved, luckily he isn't; I send you a hug from one gramma to another.

Donna said...

How nice to have Greg on U.S. soil and know he is safe from the ravages of war. Your blocks look great and I love the section of My Secret Garden.