Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa Patterns..Or Lack Thereof

Karen left a comment asking what I used for my patterns and I thought I'd answer here in case anyone else wonders the same thing. Except for the two or three magazine patterns that I noted, I made the rest of the Santas without any pattern at all. I'd just start with a flannel form cut out a body shape and make a Santa. As the remaining fabric got smaller and smaller , my Santas got shorter or skinnier or oddly shaped. I tried to use every shred of the shirt, including button plackets and collars for arms. It is really a fun exercise. The shapes start to speak to you and each Santa seems to develop a personality..just like my snowmen did. Making these was one of the most creative endeavors I've experienced. And it almost becomes addictive. My biggest problem was finding enough red socks in good shape at the thrift store.

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