Saturday, December 13, 2008

Santa In The Land of the Living

I think I'm ready to return to the Land of the Living. It's been a miserable week to be sure. Apparently this virus is hitting a lot of people and those unlucky enough to catch it have my total sympathy. My bout ended in a trip to the ER yesterday morning. An IV and pain med worked quickly and I didn't have to stay. I had been longing to get out and breathe some fresh air but didn't expect to do so at 5:30 a.m. carried by paramedics.'s time to get over this and busy with stuff...........................

Here are some of my Santa figures made in years past. Except where indicated they are all my original designs and mostly made from thrift store flannel shirts. What fun they were to make. Like my snowmen, I forgot to save more than one of these for myself..and not one of the cutest either. Gonna have to have a Santa and snowmen crafting day sometime and make some for myself.


My first attempts..Mr. & Mrs. Claus made from plain red flannel

Santa with fabric/cinnamon stick tree

Santa & Teddy bear

"Be Naughty, Save Me a Trip" one of my most popular

They came in all sizes...gotta use all the scraps of fabric,

so what was left determined the shape each Santa took.

One shirt made many Santas in

gradually smaller and smaller sizes.

A few Mrs. Claus' too.

Reindeer Food....Will Work For Cookies....Believe

Sleepytime Santa was made from a magazine pattern.

A variation of mine...Santa in his longjohns.
Another magazine pattern..Lumberjack Santa

Lastly..some of the many canning jar lid Santa ornaments.


karenfae said...

Mary I love your santa's do you use several patterns or have you modified your own to suit. Sorry to hear about your trip to the ER, what kind of virus did you have - a flu type? Take it easy now for this coming week and get your strength back.

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Hi Mary, those are all so cute. I really like the canning jar lid ornaments. Do you have a pattern for those or are they one you made up yourself. Too cute.
Glad you feeling better today. First thing monday I will get that pattern in the mail to you. Take care of yourself.

Elly D said...

What fabulous Santas Mary. It's good to hear you're getting over the lurgy... Keep well Elly