Sunday, December 14, 2008

Back In The Swing of Things

It sure feels good to feel good again. It was an extraordinarily long week with not much positive happening. But yesterday I was able to get out and do some light grocery shopping, make a big pot of Italian soup and bake some sourdough loaves and breadsticks to go with the soup last night.

I think it may taste even better tonight and tomorrow as our weather plummets from 66º today down to 15º tonight. I read that beginning about 3:00 p.m. the temperature will drop 20-30º in an hour. Well, it's 3:40 pm. as I write this and it's already down to 41º. They are predicting a "wintry mix" starting tonight, which in this area all too often includes some ice. The high tomorrow is only supposed to be in the 20's. I really hate cold weather. And tomorrow night is our quilt guild's meeting and Christmas party. I'm not taking any bets on whether or not we have to cancel.

On a cheerier note..I was able to finish two more Dutch Treat blocks yesterday. This brings my total to 70 of the 169 needed for this quilt. We won't even talk about the border for a long, long time.

This one is called Greeting Card
And this is called Gaia


Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Hi Mary, so glad you are feeling much better. That soup and bread sure does look delicious. I hate it that you have such cold weather. I guess I can't complain about our wearther here, yours is way colder than ours. You two new block are beautiful.

karenfae said...

Love the DT blocks - the soup and bread look good too - I left a bread recipe on my blog that I made up - if you like baking bread give it a try (I use a mixture of multi-grains but you can substitute just white if that is what you like). We have cold here to in Arkansas, went from 62 yesterday down to 28 this morning and that is were it will stay I think, no ice here so far but to come this afternoon.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I hope you are better. Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog.

Donna said...

Your soup and bread look delicious, Mary, and you are making great progress on your Dutch Treat blocks.