Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Month of Birthdays

How many birthdays can one month have? In our family's case of the 3 sons, 5 grandkids and 2 great-grands, HALF of them have December birthdays. At least the daughter-in-laws had the good manners to be born in other months.

You'll remember the month started out with youngest son Jeff's 42nd birthday.

THREE of our grandchildren have birthdays this month. Our family is scattered around the country and always has been since the sons first left home. So it isn't often that we can all be together. The last time our three grandchildren were together to celebrate birthdays was in 1997.

Greg (middle) will turn 22 on the 18th. He's currently serving our country with the Army in Afghanistan (his second Mideast tour). Martin (left) turns 22 on the 24th. He lives and works in Virginia. Ashley (right) turns 23 on the 27th. She's mom to two young boys and also a police officer in MO. Eleven years have brought tremendous changes! (Like the fact I was crocheting afghans then and now I'm quilting!)

Now Ashley apparently didn't get the memo saying additional December birthdays were banned, because in 2003 she blessed us with Jeramiah, turning 5 on the 30th. Here he is at age 1 with his I Spy quilt from Grandma Mary.

Then there is my mother, who turns 79 on the 20th. In fairness I guess she had the first December birthday. This picture was taken in 2006.

Just for good measure a couple of cousins and a brother-in-law also celebrate December birthdays.

Of course in about 9 days we celebrate the most important birthday of all. Hope your birthday preparations are coming along just great.


Donna Penning said...

Mary, I forgot we have gradsons one day apart! Colin will turn 5 on the 29th. Where does the time go? Donna

karenfae said...

Mary I have you beat! I come from a family of 12 children, we are all of course married with children, with children - we have managed to have 10 birthdays in the month of November, June and May are close seconds with 8 birthdays in each of those months!

Mama Koch said...

We have several in December too.

Hope you're staying warm!