Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Third Time's A Charm?

Three more blocks done yesterday..............

Dear Jane K-13 Brandon's Star
Dear Jane J-13 Pam's Bells

And Dutch Treat block Sea Wave

Then I spent the evening trying to redo F-9 Autumn Aster. I wasn't happy when I made mine back in October. Then I saw an awesome block by Elly .

Her blocks are absolute perfection and put mine to shame. And I knew I just had to redo my F-9. So I worked on it all night, only to have it turn out nearly 1/2" too big all around. This is a big deal because the melons extend all the way out to the seam allowance (or in my case beyond!).

Jane sure loved those melons.

So today's first project of the day is one more stab at an acceptable Autumn Aster. They do say third time's a charm don't they?

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Elly D said...

Thank you for the lovely compliments Mary. Your blocks look great too.. At least you're progressing with yours.... mine have come to a complete halt for the moment. I have the Dutch Treat's book, kindly sent to me by Loretta in Alaska (I don't think she has a blog) I prepped one block but have yet to be brave enough to stitch it. I haven't done a lot of Reverse Applique. the F-9 is tricky little thing. I hand pieced the background and appliqued the melons... positioning was quite tricky because as you say they go right up to the seam allowance. I printed the whole block out on freezer paper. First cut out the shapes for hand piecing then using the same outside FPs cut out the melons within the pattern. When cutting them out I think I may well have cut from the inside of the line to make them a tad smaller so they'd fit. Use the remainder of the outside shape to press to front and use as a guide to position the melons... clear as mud I know but I hope it some how helps. Good luck I'm sure you'll do good. Elly