Friday, December 26, 2014

Block Five

I finished block five earlier this week and forgot to post it.  I didn't work steadily on it so it took awhile.  I have to say these aren't my favorite flowers of all I've ever appliquéd.  Rather strange, at least the many petaled ones.  Maybe the designer wasn't a gardener.  I've never seen flowers quite like these.

I've developed some carpal tunnel problems, especially in my left hand, so I'm not sure how much more I'll be working on this for awhile at least.

I spent Christmas feeling ill so our plans to join family were cancelled.  Luckily we have a second gathering planned for tomorrow and I'm hoping to feel up to that.

Merry Christmas all.


LynCC said...

Aww - I hope you're feeling better today! I've had a stupid head cold all week, but that's do-able. And yeah - I wonder what kind of flowers those are supposed to be.

susis quilts said...

dear mary,your block looks very nice,hope you are feeling better,susi