Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hexie Quilt is Finished

Three years after starting it, I put the last stitch in the binding of my 1 1/2" hexie quilt on Saturday. I still haven't settled on a name for it.

 It may be the last big quilt I try to quilt myself on my Juki.  Handling a quilt this size has just become  too difficult for me.  All that moving around of the arms is hard when you have breathing problems like I do.  Because of all the seams it is a very heavy quilt.  I used a wool batting so that helped a little, but it is still very heavy.

I wish I had better pictures.

I really didn't work on this at all last year.  At least half of it was completed after July of this year, so it's more like a year's worth of work. I will enjoy looking at all the different fabrics that range from vintage pieces from the 1950's through all the quilts I've made.

Wishing you Happy Quilting in the New Year!


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

congratulations on a finish!! beautiful. What kind of thread do you find works best in your Juki?

Linda said...

Mary it is just beautiful!! you did a great job. I can only hope the quilt I'm making is half as nice as yours. You always keep me inspired.
Hope you two have a great new year.

LynCC said...

Hooray! What an accomplishment! Yeah - it's certainly a job hauling a huge quilt around in a tabletop!!

Donna said...

I'm back! Your quilt is lovely, Mary! Congratulations on such a major accomplishment!

Linda said...

Your quilt is lovely. Great job. I know it took a while but it was well worth it. Happy New Year.

Stephie said...

The colours and setting makes me think of stained glass windows, beautiful! (Making me feel guilty though - I've still got my hexie flimsy hanging over the arm of a bedroom chair…just patiently waiting to be finished!)

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