Thursday, August 11, 2011

Slow Progress

Evenings are now spent quilting Dutch Treat #3 but I don't feel like it is going very quickly.When I did the first two I was able to average a row a week if not more, quilting the whole quilt (plus stopping to applique the borders) in 3 months.  I started quilting this one July 25 and I'm not quite finished with two rows, so we'll see if I can catch up and maintain the pace. 

It's really hard with my camera to get good shots that actually show the quilting.  I'm still not the best hand quilter, but I'm no longer ashamed to show my stitches.  That's improvement!

We've had a dramatic cool down in our temperatures.  Almost feels like fall is in the air.  With schools starting soon I suppose it really is. 

Happy quilting.


Cheryl Willis said...

looking good, I just got my Dear jane book and hope to pull fabrics to work on it this fall. you are in inspiration!, can't imagine doing multiples of these beautiful quilts- cw

Sherry said...

Congrats on you and Tom on all your ribbons. Love your quilt on this quilting looks wonderful. It will get done when its done. Remember its for you with no deadline.

Crispy said...

I think you quilting is lovely. It's not easy to get "perfect" stitches when working on such small blocks. As Sherry says, it will get done when it gets done. Isn't the cool down lovely? :0)


karenfae said...

the quilt is looking great - you are doing a good job. So glad we are all getting a little bit of better weather.

Lee Prairie Designs said...


It is cooler here in Des Moines too! Loving this kind of weather! Fair time is here also.