Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting Close

Some of least favorite blocks are in the last row.  For one reason or another most of these take a bit longer.

Waiting For Life
Water Lily

Only 7 more blocks to go!!!

Spent most of yesterday with a friend removing the machine basting on two of the tops and in basting them. Still have 3 more tops that will need that done, but I can only quilt one at a time, so we'll save those for another day or two.


LynCC said...

A friend and a good movie or two are awesome at a time like that. So sad that you have to do that. :( At least it's basting and not smaller stitches!

Susan In Texas said...

Hi Mary,

Your blocks are terrific and I love all the Twizzlers. But most of all, congratulations on getting your Dutch Treat into the show! That's wonderful. Actually, though, I think you should try to enter it in Houston and Paducah - it's THAT amazing! Well done!

All the best,
Susan in Texas

PS Thanks for missing me. 8)

Sunna Reyr said...

It's good to know you did not let the unfortunate basting stop you. Good luck with the rest of the quilts and also on quilting them all.

The undergrowth lock always reminds me of butterfly sniffing at a bell flower. I love it.

Sheila said...

Amazing, I think they just keep getting better. Can't wait to see the finished quilt. Have a great weekend!

Yvette said...

Your blocks are wonderful, as usual. Maybe when you make your 4th Dutch Treat you can start from the bottom first and get it over with. LOL!

Karen Wilson said...

Excellent work, I'm really enjoying watching these blocks!

By the sounds of it, your least favourite blocks are in the last few rows. Perhaps next time you make a Dutch Treat you should start from the last column and get those ones out of the way early on.

Crispy said...

How nice of your friend to help get those quilts unbasted and basted up again. Sending them out is still a good idea as long as the extra backing and batting is used though :0)