Saturday, April 23, 2011

Circus (love, love, love this block)

Chocolate Box
1880's Sampler Block 17 Red Cross Variation

These HST's are tiny! 1/4" finished.

Civil War Block 17--Comfort Quilt

Last but certainly not least, the mail brought these goodies today.  A week ago, Elisa, of Postpartum Quilting offered some items she was no longer using to anyone who asked for them.  I had spent that morning complaining about the fact my 6 1/2" ruler had become worn down in the one corner I always use, and with two quilters in the family my rotary cutter is frequently in the wrong place (actually I had two, but one broke).  Not only did Elisa generously send both items to me, but included a lovely origami crane, the Japanese symbol for good health, long life, fidelity and prosperity.  I would like all of those!  Thank you so much, Elisa.

Happy Easter to all.


Terri said...

I am loving your Dutch Treat blocks and I'm curious about how they are done. Could you show a few pictures of one in progress?

Thanks so much, Terri in BC

Elisa Black said...

Thanks for the mention and link, Mary! I'm glad you liked the origami crane, too. I cannot believe the HSTs in your 1880s sampler are only 1/4"!! That is amazing-- no room for error there! Again, happy Easter and enjoy using your new tools!

Crispy said...

More great blocks!! Boy with your hand next to the block, really puts it in perspective :0) Great gifts too!!


Anonymous said...

I especially love the 1880s block. I like the use of the dark small floral fabric.