Monday, April 11, 2011

Bentonville Quilt Show

Saturday was a gorgeous day in this area of the country and we drove to Bentonville, AR to see the 2011 Q.U.I.L.T. of NW Arkansas show.  There were over 350 beautiful quilts.  Kathy Delaney was the judge.

Best of Show

Click on this link to view a slideshow on my Photobucket site. Hope you enjoy!!

While we were there I rounded a corner and thought I noticed someone who looked very much like a quilter I met online several years ago.  I knew she lived in AR but had forgotten how very close to Bentonville she lived.  It seemed like she was also staring at me, but when she didn't approach I convinced myself I was imaging things.  Guess I figure with my prominent oxygen usage I'm pretty easy to recognize if someone has seen pics of me online.  I'm not the shy type so I don't know why I didn't approach here.

Saturday evening I was on Facebook and she posted a comment about attending the "quilt show" (didn't say which one) and then driving around Missouri a bit.  Then I KNEW it had been her I'd seen and was just sick about it.  I emailed her and she said she had done the same thing..thought she recognized me but since she IS the shy time waited for me to approach and of course I didn't.    I asked if she'd attended the Joplin, MO show too and learned she hadn't known about it.  I suggested she might want to drive up Sunday for that and she said yes, she'd love to and see my quilts in person. 

My second faux pas of the weekend was telling her the Joplin show ran until 4:30.  I was was over at 3:30 and by about 3:50 we had my quilts in hand (well, Tom's hands..he's the C.E.O. of our team..."Carry Everything Out").  I was dissapointed she hadn't shown up but figured something had come up for her. 

Just as we were nearing our car I spotted Carla and her husband. I was so embarrassed and sad that she had missed seeing all the quilts but she said she mainly had come to see mine so we showed her those in the parking lot.  Then we went to a nearby fast food place for a drink and visited an hour or so.

It was GREAT, actully meeting someone I've so enjoyed "knowing" online.  My third faux pas of the weekend was not taking pictures of us together.  But hopefully we'll be getting together again and sooner rather than later.


Cheryl Willis said...

bentonville was a good show, i went down with a friend,, didnt even think to look for cyber friends-lol
glad you had a good time, I think we got a lot of the same photos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for another beautiful quilt show.

I imagine your friend was happier getting a personal showing of your quilts and spending time with you than just seeing the quilt show.

Crispy said...

I think we all have times like that. At least you got to meet up with her for a visit :0)