Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why I Should Straighten Up My Stash More Often

Remember how I was in the process of straightening up my stash and incorporating the new fabrics given to me by a friend?  And I got sidetracked  when I found a bag of Christmas fabric strips and decided to make some log cabin blocks

I cut and pieced and used every little bit I had .  Ended up adding a few strips of a a couple fabrics I thought would blend in and not be noticed to get these many blocks made.

So today I decided it was time to add borders and get this quilted (it's way past time for a finish in 2011). 

The blocks are 40" square, so I cut five inch border strips to make a nice size for a lap quilt or even a table topper.  I had 2 of the strips when I happened to glance down at one of the bottom shelves of my stash. And I saw a corner of a zip lock bag that looked suspiciously familiar.  Pulled it out and ....

Oops..... apparently I filled two baggies with strips that day!  So not only would I not have needed to scrounge for a way to finish about the last 5 blocks, but I could have made at least a twin size quilt.

But the borders are cut and 2 are sewn on.  I have enough of the border fabric to use for a back too and it works perfectly with the blocks.

It's actually flowers, but it looks like snowballs with a bit of distance and the color is perfect.  I wouldn't have enough to back a bigger quilt.

So I guess there is another little scrap quilt in the future from these strips.  And maybe I'll finish straightening up my stash!


LuAnn said...

It's beautiful, and you'll have a finish for 2011 and a new Christmas quilt for this year, too. I think sometimes the best things come out of being sidetracked.

Crispy said...

It looks wonderful :o) Too funny about that other bag of strips but then you wouldn't have been able to use that perfect border fabric LOL.


Barb said...

Oh my goodness....that was a wonderful this quilt you are making and the fabrics!!