Friday, February 4, 2011

It's Snowing Again!

I'm glad my oxygen delivery man was able to get here before it started to snow again.  He comes from Joplin, MO and I think they will be getting more than us. At least I hope we don't get much. I don't wish that on anyone in this area. 

A friend shared this link of the NASA photos of this week's blizzard.  Pretty amazing!
Looks like something you'd see in a disaster movie.

I got all the blocks made for my log cabin Christmas quilt and pieced the rows together this morning.

At the moment it is 40" square.  I have to decide if I want to just leave it like this and use as a table topper, or add some borders and make a small lap quilt.

Then I pieced the three small blocks that make up January's Raggedy Ann and Andy BOM.  Now I have to do the embroidery on them and hopefully be caught up before the February block is posted on the 20th.  Obviously I still need to make the horizontal sashing.

Someone should have warned me how addictive English paper piecing can be.  I can't seem to stop working on the little hexagon pieces long enough to make any progress on the Brilliant Star blocks.

Maybe I should get snowed in more often.  I'm actually showing progress this week!


Geta Grama said...

I am dreaming of the day when I will enjoy English paper piecing too! Your hexagons look fabulous and I am in love with that small log cabin! You are a very busy bee!

Deputy's Wife said...

I bet you will get a lot done with more snow. Are you going to be doing some more baking too?

Roos said...

I specially loves your log cabbin, but the others are great too.
We have stormy weather, also great quilting weather.
Greatings from Holland

Crispy said...

Ooooo such pretty projects!! I too am in love with the log cabin quilt :0)