Thursday, February 3, 2011

Great Minds Think Alike

So the saying goes anyway.  When I read this post today I found myself in complete agreement with Cheryl.  In nine years of quilting I have only given up on one, well maybe two projects.  I set of blocks from an online swap just never appealed to me and I finally sold them awhile back on Quilter's Flea Market..a yahoo group.  I'm thinking of doing the same with another BOM I started. 

But everything else I've started will get finished SOMEDAY I think.  A few projects are getting up there in age, but I prefer to think of them as mellowing.  I've convinces myself that at some point the stars will align and provide me with the perfect inspiration for finishing them just as they were meant to be.  Until then, they are on the shelf gaining character..kind of like a fine wine.

Oh...thanks to Barb I spent more time than I care to admit this morning creating my own personal button.  Who would want it is a mystery..but there it is folks! Thanks, Barb!


Cheryl Willis said...

Lovely button, I hear all the great minds have one. thanks for the shout out. have a great day. cw

Barb said...

I love your button....and I have it!!

Roos said...

I like that... gaining Charactar.
Greatings Roos

Crispy said...

It seems that several bloggers are talking about those UFOs that have spent a long time in the closet. I feel the same way about my Dear Jane. I would have sold it if it wasn't for my sister loving it. It will eventually go to her.


Helen said...

I've just grabbed your Button Mary! Lovely!

I hope you're keeping warm! We are experiencing horrible hot and humid weather here, not exactly great for sewing and quilting!

Anonymous said...

One of the dangers of building a large stash is that we do change our likes sometimes...I have stuff too that I wish I'd passed by and not bought. Perhaps one day I may try to sell or swap.