Monday, January 31, 2011

My Design Floor Monday

I don't have a design wall set up at the moment, so my floor usually serves that purpose.    I've continued to juggle several projects this past week.  

Making progress on the 1" hexies project

I just love working with these fabrics

A new project--5" log cabin blocks (1/2" logs) from scraps I purchased at The Buttonhole in McPherson, KS a few years ago.  You could fill a zip lock gallon baggie with all you could squeeze in for $5.  They had just dumped some scraps from the cutting of a Christmas kit so I scooped up all of them in addition to a few others.  That meant the strips were already color coordinated.    I'm finally doing something with them though I'm not sure of the layout.  Here's one for now. 

I love the non-traditional blue fabrics in the mix.

I still have strips left, so I'll keep making blocks until I run out.

What got me started on this?  I spent a couple of days folding more of the fabric I received from my friend and re-organizing my stash.  In the process I found that bag of scraps so of course I got side-tracked before finishing the job.  But I did get 6 sections done.  Five more sections on that wall to go and then a second wall........

We are under a blizzard warning here..not common in this part of the country.  I'm more concerned about the possibility of ice which is supposed to hit tonight.  I've had a big pot of bean and ham soup simmering all day and just ready to put some squash bread in the oven in a few minutes.  Crossing my fingers we keep electricity.


Elaine said...

You're amazing doing 1" hexagons. And the log cabin looks great. It's nice to fine unusual things like that.

karenfae said...

good luck with the weather! I hope your power stays on. Looks like we are on the very edge of the storm here in southern Pope County - I hope it stays that way.
1" hexies! wow

Barb said...

I know you can't see but a big grin shot across my face when I saw your stash.....amazing!!! Your quilts are going to be amazing as well....nothing less from you....

Crispy said...

Oooo pretty log cabin. I too love the use of the non-traditional fabrics, really makes the blocks shine :0)


Cheryl said...

Stay warm and safe! The hexies are just too cute.

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Hope you are staying warm! We are trying.

Your hexies are lovely so is your log cabin.

Ham and beans are one of our favorite dishes! Squash bread sounds yummy---I have never heard of that kind of bread. I bet it sure smells wonderful in your home. :)

Thanks for sharing your pojects.


Donna said...

Love the hexagons and your log cabin, and love your stash also!