Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby Quilts

Finally able to post a couple of finishes from the last few weeks.  I couldn't post pictures before because they were gifts.  I've mentioned that two granddaughters are expecting babies in January..a day apart according to official due dates but how likely is that to really happen?

Yesterday was the baby shower for our youngest granddaughter, Caitlin, in MO. In 2005, when she was just shy of 16, she designed and pieced a baby quilt using my Electric Quilt. She loved playing with that program whenever she came to stay and her sister, Ashley, had a six month old son at that point. She didn't finish it the first year and worked on it again in 2006 when she came for a week. By then, nephew #2 was on his way, so she was no longer sure who the quilt was going to be for. She learned how to make HST's and how to chain piece and she sat up late at night sewing and ripping and trying to make her points match. She did a really good job.

Once it was all pieced I asked her if she wanted me to quilt it and she say no, that she wanted to come back and learn to quilt herself.  Well that never happened (that she stayed long enough to learn to quilt).  Since she's 21 now and expecting her own baby I decided to go ahead and quilt it and surprise her with the finished quilt. 

So that is what I did.

I just love the butterfly on Teddy's nose.

Guess I forgot to take a picture of the back. It's a nice snuggly flannel.

I also gave her a baby quilt I made several years ago.  She helped me do the hand buttonhole stitch around these hearts while on a trip to Colorado in 2003.  So it seemed like a good quilt for her first baby since it will be a girl.

Caitlin was able to have three grandmothers at her shower:

Left to right: Kathy (her mom's mom), Cait, me, Maggie (her dad's step-mom).  It was a nice day and she got lots of useful items.

Our oldest granddaughter, Kelley, is the other expectant mom and since I've pretty sure she doesn't read my blog, I can go ahead and show the quilt I shipped to her to arrive in time for her baby shower next week in MA.  Wish I could be at that one too, but it's a bit far away. 

Kelley is expecting a boy so I decided to make a bow tie quilt which was the traditional quilt my grandmother made for boys in the family.  I made the 3-D version and used lots of bright scraps.  The arrangement of colors was per Tom..not at all as I would have arranged things, but I decided to be different.

It has a plaid back and nice colorful binding.

I already gave her a smaller baby quilt in June when we were together in Arizona.

So two new great-grandbabies will be doubly wrapped in love. Can't wait for them to be here!

That is some of what I've been working on and not posting about.  I'm in the home stretch of the quilting on Dutch Treat least the central 14 row portion.  I'm working on row 13.  Getting there.....

Lots of doctor appointments for Tom this week.

Happy quilting.


Micki said...

Love the quilts, but the teddy bear quilt is just too cute!

Teaquilts said...

Great quilts for the new grandbabies to be. Caitlin should be into something design related as that's an awesome teddy bear quilt.

karenfae said...

due a day apart huh - nice we have multiple birthdays in our family - my daughter and a cousin share a birthday although 5 years apart and my sister shares a birthday with one of our nieces and an uncle! There are several more but I would have to get out my record book to check!

Barb said...

I hope Tom is okay, did I miss reading something? Hope not.

That Teddy bear quilt is just lovely....just love it. All of the quilts are wonderful. What lucky granddaughters.

Cheri said...

What a good gramma you are. The flannel back gives me a good idea for a scrappy quilt I haven't been able to decide on the backing for. Thnaks for the idea.

Seams to Sew and Quilt said...

Love all the quilts but that teddy bear one is adorable and how special... Hope all goes well for Tom.

Yvette said...

How wonderful to have 2 grand babies due at the same time! I love the teddy bear baby quilt, what a treasure that will be cherished forever.

The other baby quilts are so cozy too. How exciting!!

Crispy said...

I bet Caitlin was soooo excited to have those quilts!! Double special since she helped on them :0) A bow tie quilt is perfect for the little boy. How fun to have 2 new babies arriving :0)


Miss Sews-it-all said...

Congratulations on being blessed with grandbabies! Those are all wonderful quilts, they will be all wrapped in love.

You would like all the quilt sharing over at - have you been there yet?

Donna said...

Very nice baby quilts, Mary. Those great-grandbabies will enjoy those for years to come. I also really like the teddy bear quilt.