Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Exploding Star

It was a frustrating day as I seemed to break thread about every 2 or 3 minutes while quilting the Exploding Star quilt.  I just did an overall large stipple with a varigated King Tut on top and I knew it would be touchy with all those seams, even though they were pressed open.  I changed needles, adjusted tension, put in a new silicone washer in the bobbin case, used plenty of Sewer's Aide and I still kept breaking thread.  Finally got it done, but it's not my best quilting job that is for sure.

Put  the binding and hanging sleeve on tonight, then tossed it in the washer.  Now it is all nice and crinkled and doesn't look too bad if you don't concentrate on the times my HST's don't totally match up.  I did add a 1 1/2" white border all around and then bound it with blue star fabric. 

Whew...I'm not making anything from 1 1/2" squares again for awhile.  Thanks for a great pattern, Tea!

Nice and crinkly after washing.

Hop over to my friend Cynthia's site to see some of the magnificent quilts she judged at the Iowa State Fair yesterday.  Can you imagine 3 people judging over 800 quilts in a single day?  She's been doing it for several years.


Kathie said...

I really love the way this quilt came out
what a GREAT pattern, I would love to make this for a wall in our home.
congrats on such a great finish.

Crispy said...

WOW Mary!! It's beautiful!!

Off to check out the quilts :0)


Yvette said...

It turned out great! You had perfect fabric for the binding.

Donna said...

Mary, it is absolutely beautiful! I love everything about it.

arlindajohnson said...

Mary, your exploding star is georgeous! Wow! Lots of work.