Friday, May 14, 2010

This & That

Will it ever quit raining?   I shouldn't complain because we've at least been spared the violent storms that have passed through the Midwest on more than one day this week.  Yesterday morning an EF1 tornado took out several businesses in the town of Monett where my son Mark and his wife Stephanie work. Tornado season is only getting started!  Here in Pittsburg we just keep getting rain.  And I had to turn the furnace back on!  My circulation is lousy and this cool, damp weather makes me ache all over.

On to more pleasant topics.

I received a new siggie this week from Leontien in The Netherlands

And made two more Dutch Treat blocks


and Clowns

Tom picked up a kit for a community quilt at our Joplin guild meeting last month and pieced it this week. He did all the piecing and I quilted and bound it.

When he realized how simple this one was to put together he agreed to do the piecing for another baby quilt for a friend. He almost got it done yesterday.

And I finally got the 4 blocks sewn together to make up the upper left quadrant of my Exploding Star started in Tea Mahone's workshop.  I had the four blocks done shortly after the workshop, but then my hand started giving me fits and I couldn't piece it together.  These squares finish 1" but Tea makes constructing the blocks really simple with her good instructions.

I'm 2 weeks behind working on Lyn Brown's Baltimore BOM and there is going to be a wonderful new block tomorrow.  I've  finished a large special project so maybe now I can get back to this applique project.  I feel like I've got too many balls in the air at the moment!


karenfae said...

it looks like we are getting in May what we should have gotten in April. It will be raining here today too - so far we have missed out on the bad stuff - knock wood.

Lynn said...

Love that block from the TEA Mahone's workshop.

Do you and your husband sew in the same room, does he get to touch your stash or does he have his own? Don't think my hubby will ever sew as he has no interest - think it is great your's does.

Mama Koch said...

We missed the tornadoes, and got very little rain. THe wheat still looks good, so we're holding our breath.
Can't wait to see how the exploding star ends up. Scrappy is so great!

Barb said...

You two are just two little busy beavers.....I love seeing pictures of your husband both are so fun to come and visit.

Teaquilts said...

The exploding star is looking good; amazing that they all have different coloring based on scraps used. I like the clown block as it makes me smile.

Sherry said...

Well I hope your weather will get better soon. Please don't send your weather here. We have had rain rain and more rain for the past 3 days and cold weather. Today sunshine and warmer. Didn't need a coat today YEAAA. Hope your felling better soon. Keeping my fingers crossed that you get better weather and start feeling better.

maria said...

Mary ... just found your blog thru the Apple Blossom newsletter. Not sure if you will remember me but we met for lunch in Wi several years ago. I thought you were amazing then but WOW ! after spending 2 hrs exploring here all I can say is WOW ! you are an amazing quilter.

Mary L. said...

Maria..of course I remember you! I tried to email you but you have your profile set to "no reply" and I no longer have your email in my address book. If you read this please email me and we can catch up!

Donna said...

I somehow missed seeing the slideshow of Tea Mahone's quilts, but I looked at it now, and they are really beautiful! Your Exploding Star block is lovely. I'm anxious to see more. Congratulations to Tom (and you) on a very cute baby quilt.

Micki said...

Lovely to see both of your work!

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

Its so good to hear your safe. The weather has been sort of strange here in Kansas this spring. I have had to duck and dodge a few Tornado's too. Your right Western Ks has had a full load of trying to keep safe. It looks like there is more weather a foot tonite. Keep safe!!

arlijohn's quilting thoughts said...

Loved Tom's baby quilt he showed us at guild last night! And the guy he is making it for is great. Your exploding star block is impressive. Such small pieces and beautiful colors! Arlinda