Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring in Kansas

It's definitely spring in Kansas.  The weather channel is giving a strong chance of a tornado "outbreak" this afternoon and evening.  I hate  tornado weather since we don't have a basement.  While I grew up with tornados in central Iowa, I always lived in houses with basements.  I especially hate it when these storms occur after it's dark.  Let's hope  the prognosticators are way off base today.

I received a couple of siggies in the last couple of weeks.

This cute mushroom siggie from Edith in Belgium

And this pretty flower from Miep in Australia

I'm also back to working on my Dutch Treat blocks

Chocolate Box

Now back to work on a special project and hope we don't get blown away today.


karenfae said...

looks like you are flying through the 2nd Dutch Treat! I too hope the storms will not be bad, I left NW Arkansas this morning and now home. Hate to think of storms hitting where the family is.

Crispy said...

I hope you all stay safe!! Lovely DT blocks, I'm so happy you are all better and are back to stitching :0)


Sherry said...

HI When I heard you were going to ahve have bad weather on the TV I thought about you. So how are you I have not heard on TV if you got the Tornado. I sure hope you didn't

Donna said...

I hope you will not have tornados during this season, Mary. Your Dutch Treat blocks are coming along beautifully.