Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Fooling...Just Eye Candy

Earlier this week I promised to share pictures of the gorgeous quilts by Nancy Swanwick that we saw in Ft. Scott last Saturday. Nancy is a hugely talented quilter from Ft. Scott and a past president of KQO (Kansas Quilter's Organization). She had over 30 of her quilts on display and I almost needed a bucket to carry around the room with me as I drooled. She graciously gave me permission to share pictures with you. She also had a hand-out prepared so I will quote from that as I begin showing  you her quilts.

Keep in mind all of Nancy's quilts are hand quilted and many hand pieced as well. She was (maybe still is?) employed as a FACS teacher and apparently filled every tiny bit of leisure time making these wonderful creations.


This is Nancy standing in front of her Pine Burr quilt

For some reason I didn't get a picture of a Wild Goose Chase quilt made 1984-88. She said it was completely hand pieced at Little League games, soccer games, tennis tournaments and family trips, including standing in line at Disney World (Mary: now that's a dedicated quilter!) ....quilted every 1/4" using 6 spools of quilting thread. It hung in the first Capital Quilt Show in Topeka and was selected as Viewer's Choice. Chosen by the Kansas Dept. of Commerce as one of 13 quilts sent to Bloomingdales in New York City as part of the Kansas Exhibit.
(I'm sorry I didn't get a picture but had to share the info about piecing standing in line at Disney world!)

Thousands of Cabins
Made from 3/4" strips, finishing 1/4". There is twice as much fabric in t he seam allowances as on the face of the quilt.  This took 27 yards of fabric, countless spools of thread for piecing and six spools of tan quilting thread.  This quilt has been named "Best of Show" in several quilt shows and hung in the second Capital Quilt Show in the rotunda of the statehouse in Topeka in 1992.  Over 14,000 pieces of fabric.
(Mary....this is an AMAZING quilt to see in person!)

Amish Pineapple 1988
Colors hand dyed in my backyard in Mason jars by my husband, sons and me.  We all had purple toes for a while.

Amish Ocean Waves 1988
The gradations we dyed made enough for several quilts. This is a sister to Amish Pineapple

Snowbound 1989
Made with the help of my sons to pick out combinations with the insructions "the uglier, the better".  A Red Wagon pattern, I used fabric from my statsh and a package of boxer shorts.  Won "Best of Show" at the Parsons (KS) Art Fair.
Angels & Love for Laura 1990
Made in honor and memory of my niece Laura Ann Brigman (1984-1995).  Many prayers were sent while planning and working on this quilt.  It was published in Quilt Magazine along with an article I wrote on the  inspiration.

Kirk & Barbara Austin's Personal History Quilt 1991
50th anniversary personal history quilt.  Mother and Dad's history told through quilt blocks.

Kirk & Barbara Austin's Golden Wedding Ring 1991
Made for my parents with fabric from their store in Parsons to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

(Mary:--- can you imagine her lucky parents..not one, but TWO anniversary quilts for their 50th?)

Miniature Sampler 1991-1995
Hand pieced and hand quilted.  Nearly 9,000 pieces.  Each block has a different name.  255 blocks.

(Mary:  my heart almost stopped when I saw this quilt)

Love and Friendship 1994
Made as a surprise (hiding in plain sight) for my long suffering, grudging quilt appreciator husband Daryl to celebrate for 25th.

There are many more quilts but I'll leave you to savor these today and post more later.


arlinda said...

Love the quilts, beautiful work! Thanks for the show!

Sheila said...

Thanks for sharing! I esp. like the pineapple & pine burr.

Geta Grama said...

Thank you Mary, for sharing these wonderful quilts with us. And congratulations to Nancy. I can't say which quilt I like the most: the pineapple, the sampler miniature or the wedding ring !

Lynn said...

Thanks for the wonderful quilt show. Will have to look closer at them again tomorrow when I am not so tired.

Crispy said...

Beautiful quilts!! How fun to see them all up close and personal.

I look forward to seeing more of them :0)