Friday, April 2, 2010

Here I Go Again

Some might think me crazy, but as soon as I finished the binding on my Dutch Treat Quilt the first day of February, I knew I wanted to make another one.  I started picturing something in the yellow/gold family and yesterday afternoon while we were shopping for some other stuff at JoAnn's Fabric in Joplin I found what I think is the perfect fabric.

And the perfect light fabric for the top layer.  Aren't these both yummy?  This quilt will be far more subtle, but I think it will be gorgeous.

Of course I had to come home and immediately make a block (or two or three) to see if the fabric would work. 

This is the first pattern in the book. It's called 5 of Diamonds

Like I said..the color changes will be subtle but I think it will be nice. 

Interesting that the colored fabric looks like it is appliquéd on top of the light fabric but it's not. These are all reverse appliqué blocks. The design is marked on the light fabric, layered with the colored fabric below and then the motifs are cut out and the edges turned under.  The blocks finish at 4" so some of the spaces can be very tiny. But I love the process.....that's why I'm starting another.

After the first block looked okay I went on and made two more last night.

This one is called 90 Degrees.

And this is Against The Flow

Today I made one more. It's called African Violet.

So I'm off to a good start.   The first quilt took me about a year and a half to appliqué (while working on lots of other things simultaneously and then 3 months to quilt).  Who knows how fast this one will go?  Hope you don't get tired of seeing new blocks.


karenfae said...

Mary I think you are a little nuts LOL - that is meant in the kindest way :) I just couldn't get into that quilt for me but here I am working on the second dear jane - I guess I am nuts too!

I love the fabric choices - really nice!

Geta Grama said...

You are incredible !! I love the fabrics you chose and I can't wait to see other blocks. But I don't have so much patience to wait 1.5 year to see it finished !Please make it faster !

Sherry said...

Well I'm not surprised to see that I'm not the only one to think your crazy. But a very nice crazy. Your second one I can't even think of doing 1. I love the material combo that you have picked so veryyyyyyyyy pretty. Can't wait to see more blocks.

DeAnna S. said...

Wow...I think it looks wonderful! I love the fabric. It's going to be beautiful! Can't wait to see more.

Donna said...

Mary, I think you are a glutton for punishment, but it is going to be absolutely beautiful! It's a great idea to do them in the gold/yellow/rust colors.