Thursday, April 8, 2010

Four More

I'm continuing to make progress on my second set of Dutch Treat blocks.

Border Crossing (easy except that it's sort of dicey to leave just a few threads at each corner..not to mention I didn't do a great job keeping the lines totally straight.  I know from the first one that once this is quilted that won't be nearly as noticeable).

(not one of my favorites to make, this time or last time, but once it's done it becomes a favorite
those little pieces are TINY!))

(another with some very NARROW areas)

Building Blocks
(a pretty easy one in comparison)

You may have noticed these have been sort of alphabetical.  Except for one, I've been going through the book as they are printed, which happens to be in alphabetical order.  Last time I picked whatever one I felt like doing and that ended up with all of the more difficult ones coming at the end.  Hoping that this way will spread the difficulty out.


Barb said...

As always, I love your blocks!!

Crispy said...

I'm just loving the fabric in these blocks. I too have a hard time with leaving those one or two threads!!


Rose Marie said...

You are so brave to be attempting these blocks again .... but they are beautiful and it makes me want to pull out my Dutch Treat book and think about doing some too.

Donna said...

You're really moving along on these, Mary, and they look so nice.