Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

Despite snow and sleet on Christmas Eve, we were able to make the drive over to Aurora to spend Christmas Day with Mark and Stephanie and family. Good food, time with's the best part of the holidays.

But before we could get on the road, Tom split his head open when he banged into the open door on the compartment holding the garage door opener in the car. There was plenty of seasonal color.....I thought it would never stop bleeding! We've taken the door off and I think it will stay off, since this isn't the first time it's happened.

Of course, the little ones are what make Christmas fun. Here are our two great-grandsons, Jeramiah & Maison. Jeramiah will turn 6 on the 30th and Maison is 4. They do the best job of posing, don't they? I hope they are always this fond of each other!

And now we can show who the last silk flower wallhanging was for. Caitlin & Lucas were married last April and this Grandma has been a tad late in getting one made for them.

We missed Granddaughter Ashley (mom to Jeramiah & Maison) . As a police officer she spent part of the day assisting with travelers who found the slick roads a challenge.

I hope your Christmas was full of good times too.


karenfae said...

we had a quite time at home - glad you made it to family.
Maybe it will warm up today?

Barb said...

I am so glad you had a great time....

Jacquie said...

Glad you all were able to still enjoy the day after Tom's accident. Those boys are growing so fast and cute as ever!

Crispy said...

Oh, Tom's poor head!! The youngun's are so dang cute LOL


Donna said...

Hope Tom's head is healing okay. The little boys are so cute. Kids sure do pick up the art of posing, don't they? Caitlin and Lucas look very pleased with their wallhanging.