Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Siggies and Another Quilt Show

It's been such a busy week that I haven't had much time to post anything. Wednesday I had the honor of sharing my quilts with the Parson's, KS Quilt Guild. Thank you ladies (and one gentleman) for inviting us and for staying awake while I showed nearly 50 quilts!

I received a couple of siggies this week too.
This one from Beate in Norway

And this from Erich in Austria. It's nice to see another man on the list.
Tom has been intending to start trading as well, so receiving Erich's siggie was a nudge to get his done. Here it is:

If any of you have already traded siggies with me and would now like one of Tom's, just send another this way as he'd be glad to trade with you. If any of you haven't traded yet, but want to start trading siggies.. let me know. We'd love to swap with you.

Yesterday was the annual quilt show at the Jasper, MO United Methodist Church. It's a small show, but I believe there were between 85 and 90 quilts. They always have a lot of really nice antique quilts and this year was no exception.

This treasure was made in the 1850's and is in exceptionally good condition with only a couple of fabrics that have deteriorated. The appraiser claims at least two of the fabrics were loomed in England. That would make sense as the maker of the quilt was an English immigrant..great-great aunt to the current lucky owner. What a wonderful quilt!

Close up of the fabrics in the 1850's antique.

Here's a slideshow of the quilts. Unfortunately there isn't enough room to open all of the big quilts out, but hopefully you can get an idea of the great entries. I was pleased that my Amish Dahlia won another blue ribbon and was #2 People's Choice.
By the, Tom isn't attempting to run off with the antique log cabin quilt (though who wouldn't like to?). He was helping take down quilts.


Micki said...

If you want to trade a siggy, I would love it. I am a member of the group.

Sherry said...

Tell Tom if he would like to swap I would love to. Wonderful photos you have loved to have them all seeing I can't have them I would love to make them but we know that won't happen. Glad to here you had a great time at this show.

Crispy said...

Oh Mary thank you on such wonderful eye candy this morning. Congrats on ALL your wins!!


Jacquie said...

What a delight to see all the beautiful projects. I especially enjoyed the beautiful applique projects. Thanks for sharing