Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kindergarten Football

Yesterday was a full day. Went to a guild meeting in Joplin and then some fabric shopping for backing material for my Dutch Treat quilt, etc. Then we drove down to Anderson, MO to watch our great-grandson Jeramiah in his first football game.

Watching three fields of kindergarten kids playing football is a hoot!

Unfortunately shortly after the start of the game a steady rain began. Since the temperature was right around 70, some of us considered that a cold rain.....Jeramiah especially. He really didn't like the rain at all!
The good news is his team won....26-24!

But was still cold!

His younger brother Maison didn't mind the rain at all and was happily bouncing around on the sidelines when not holding the umbrella for Great-grandma. Sorry we didn't get a picture of him.

This evening I'm doing another trunk show..wish me luck. Not much quilting happening around here..maybe tomorrow.


Barb said...

Cute kids...I miss that.

Donna said...

I agree that watching little kids' sporting events is so much fun. The little ones are so cute. Tonight we will watch Anson play soccer. He is five, so it will be a similar situation.

Crispy said...

Aw they are so dang cute LOL. Look at that lineup of those tough guys LOL.


quiltmom said...

I remember when our son played Soccer at that age. They were pretty funny to watch- they would get distracted and go off the field or all pile up in a heap or run in the wrong direction with the ball- it was hilarious at times..
Our son never played organized football- he played hockey from age 5-17.

Be well,

Micki said...

The post and pics brought back a lot of memories.