Monday, June 1, 2009

Egg On My Face

Can I blame lack of sufficient oxygen getting to my brain?????????????????

.............................Getting old???????????????????????????????????????

.............................Onset of Alzheimer's??????????????????????????????

I'm not sure which cause is to blame but what I did in my Memorial Day post can only be described as a brain fart (sorry if that offends anyone!).

I totally missed talking about an important member of our family who served 17 long years in the U.S. Army, our daughter-in-law. Mike met Lindy when they were both attending a training in 1993. Lindy served in many places and many job assignments....her last being White House Communications. She took early retirement in 1994. She continues to serve this country by working as a civilian at the Army Intelligence School at Ft. Huachuca, training intelligence soldiers. apologies for being such a do-do head. We honor and respect your service tremendously and love you.

Basic Training 1977


Crispy said...

It's ok Mary, at our age we are allowed to be do-do heads ROFLMBO. And a thankyou going out to Lindy for her service to our country :0)


karenfae said...

Mary I have "brain farts" off and on LOL. When you have more than one child and/or in law children (I count my son-in-laws as my sons) it is easy to forget to mention one now and then and in my opinion it is forgivable!

Barb said...

Don't be so hard on probabl had so much rambling in your head that one rumble got left out.....

Inge Slaats said...

Mary, I like your photos, nothing wrong with them.
Nice siggies, including mine (LOL)
BTW: nice blog, too! I'm coming back soon!
Have a nice day!

Many greetings,
Inge from the Netherlands