Friday, May 29, 2009

A Walk On the Red Carpet

I was surprised last night to receive an email from my son Mike last night telling me about part of his Memorial Day activities. The following is excerpted from an article in the post newsletter.

Fort Soldiers walk red carpet on Memorial Day in Scottsdale, Ariz.

"Forty Military Intelligence and Signal Soldiers from Fort Huachuca had the unique opportunity to enjoy Hollywood-style glitz Monday during the Arizona premiere of the documentary “Brothers at War.”Cindy McCain, wife of Arizona Senator John Mc-Cain, hosted and organized the event to bring the movie here and honor service men and women and their family members. The reception featured lights, cameras and, of course, a red carpet. Senator McCain and Gary Sinise were swarmed by uniformed service members seeking autographs and photos."
“Brothers at War” is subtitled, “Two brothers went to war. One went to find out why.” The documentary is essentially the story of three brothers: Army Capt. Isaac Rademacher, Army Sgt. Joe Rademacher and Jake Rademacher, an actor. Jake embeds with Isaac’s long-range reconnaissance battalion in Iraq in order to understand why Isaac and Joe leave their loved ones behind and risk their lives to serve. The film also highlights the impact their deployments have on the family. Jake comes back and then feels compelled to return to Iraq. He experiences combat firsthand on his second trip."

"Command Sgt. Maj. Michael Roberts, 111th MI Brigade enjoyed the film and felt it realistically portrayed what Soldiers experience. He served with Cpt. Isaac Rademacher in Iraq, and Roberts was also deployed to Iraq the same time his son, a military policeman, was deployed there. “This is a great film for Soldiers,but probably even more so for family members,” he said. Several Soldiers echoed his thoughts and commented the film shows an experience they can’t always explain. "

Gary Sinese is the executive producer of the documentary. Mike is standing to his immediate right in the picture above. He (Mike) was the CSM of the Brigade in Iraq and Cpt. Rademacher was a Co. Commander of one of the Battalions in that Brigade.

Now how cool is that?


Crispy said...

Oh Mary how fun for Mike!! I love Gary Sinese!!

karenfae said...

Cool, how neat was that!

Donna said...

Very good experience!

Sunna Reyr said...

Very cool indeed and a nice surprise for you. I love nice surprises.

Breigh said...

That is SO very cool! Gary Sinese is one of my favorite actors, even if he did choose a terrible TV show to be on (CSI:NY).

Found you through the quilting bloggers. Great site! :)