Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Solved & Finished

Didn't locate any additional fabric for my binding but did come up with a solution. I had two pieces of fabric left that were just long enough but not quite wide enough for my 2 1/4" binding. It occurred to me that if I folded the short sides to the inside of the binding, no one would know there wasn't a double thickness for that little bit.

Sewing it on the front of the quilt.

And would you believe this is how much extra I had for overlap. Just enough to sew the ends together with 1/4" seams (it looks like more here, but trust me, after I sewed the binding all the way around the ends met with seam allowance to spare and that was it...I didn't trim anything) . A miracle!

And here's the quilt with the binding hand sewn to the back. At this point I no longer know where the short section is that has the not quite double fold binding.

These blocks were some I won last year when our guild used the Martha Washington's Star block as our BOM. Each month we made a different color or fabric category. I won the month we used 30's of my favorites. I have one extra block that I think I will use to make the label.

It just wouldn't have looked right to me if I hadn't repeated the red in the binding.
Did you notice what I only did after it was finished? Two of pinwheels spin the opposite direction. I think I like that!

This is my second finish for May and 11th for the year. Still have at least eight tops to quilt.


Annika said...

The quilt is very lovely! And good that the binding was enough :)

Anonymous said...

That red binding was just meant to be. It is a great quilt. Kudos for all that you're getting finished. Wish I could keep up with you. :)

Crispy said...

Great quilt Mary and a wonderful solution to the problem. Quilters are such ingenious people :0)


Barb said...

How clever and isn't it amazing how sometimes we can just tweek by??? Great job and loooovvveee the quilt.

Sunna Reyr said...

I only noticed the pinwheels when you mentioned it, it adds charm to a wonderful quilt.

Donna said...

What a great solution, Mary, and the quilt is beautiful!