Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Got Mail!

Friday's mail brought me two more siggy blocks. One from Edda in Iceland........

And another from Hanneke in The Netherlands.
Aren't they both wonderful? It's so much fun receiving these envelopes from all over. The brightly colored stamps on each are a bonus to someone who used to collect stamps. I think I'll create a scrapbook to keep all of the letters and envelopes.
And a reminder that I'd love to swap a siggy with YOU too. Either join Anneliese's swap or contact me by email to get mailing info and swap one on one with me.
Friday I also worked on more of the monthly blocks for our guild's BOM. They probably won't end up being in a quilt together since each month we have a block lotto and one or two persons win the blocks or donate them to our community quilt projects. So they don't need to be from the same fabrics (except for the light brown background fabric that we all are using). But I was on a roll and decided to go ahead and get several of the months done ahead while I had these fabrics out. Here's what I got done. I'll still need to make four more blocks for the guild lotto and of course each of them a second time for my own quilt. They are all simple blocks and fun to make.
Friday night I finished this Dutch Treat block called "Tree of Life". It's one of the ones I had been dreading, but actually it wasn't all that hard..just took a little time.

And last night I made this one called "Marina".
49 more of these babies to go.
When I posted the pics of my grandmother's afghan a couple of days ago it reminded Sunna of some of the afghans she has from relatives and even some she made herself. She posted some pretty pics of them on her blog, SunnyQuilts. Stop over and admire them. It's worth the trip!
Hope your Sunday is warm and relaxing.


Sunna Reyr said...

Thanks, and I would love to do a siggy swap. It's fun to watch your progress with the Dutch Treat and Dear Jane blocks.

Crispy said...

I really like your lotto blocks, love the colors in them. Maybe something that should be suggested for our guild to do and the idea of donating some or all the blocks to the charity projects is an excellent idea.

As usual, your DT blocks are great. I drafted the tree block into EQ and made a 12 inch block (with a few changes), and made it with needle turn applique. It was for a challenge or something, I can't remember exactly for whom or why it was made, except the tree trunk fabric was sent to me. Geez, I should write this stuff down LOL. Anyway, here is a scan of part of the block (no digital camera then).


Anonymous said...

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