Monday, February 9, 2009

Quilting The Amish Dahlia

Tom and I had several errands to run today and while we were out and about we stopped at our church. It turned out that the ladies were working on my Amish Dahlia quilt.

They have just really gotten started, and it will take a long time as there is a lot of quilting to be done. As one of the ladies, who happens to have just turned 95, told me..." I think you kind of out did yourself marking some of this". She thinks it would have been just fine with less quilting! You can check out the link above to the post where you can see the marking up close.

Long time to quilt or's going to be awesome I think!

I apologize for the out of focus pics. I didn't have my camera with me and took these on my cell phone.

One of these days I'm going to go sit with them and try to do a little quilting myself.


Littlebit said...

Wow, you really don't mess around when you make a quilt! It's wonderful, Mary, and I cannot wait to hear the story behind your lovely quilt.

karenfae said...

I haven't seen a quilt frame like that Mary - does it roll up from both sides as they complete sections? until they get to the very middle? It will sure look good when done - what will be done with it then - is it yours to keep or did you donate it for a cause?

FabricsNQuilts said...

How wonderful! I would love to pull up a chair!

RagamuffinQuilts said...

Beautiful! That's wonderful to have everyone help, sounds like a fun time. I'd love to pull up a chair myself.

Geta Grama said...

This will be a gorgeous quilt.
I love the pictures ! A scene like this I will not see in my country ever !