Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oh What a Night!

....not the song by the Four Seasons (revealing my age here).........

We had been noting how much it has felt like tornado season since Saturday and sure enough we were under a tornado warning last night, with a funnel cloud spotted within the county. We were lucky that we only got rain and some high winds. Folks in Oklahoma were not as fortunate, with 8 deaths being reported this morning. I'm praying for those who lost family and property and realizing that I shouldn't be complaining about the interruptions to American Idol.

After the storms passed I posted about my Lemonade Award and then crawled into bed. Tom was walking from the living room towards our bedroom, lights were out, and he tripped over my oxygen tubing and fell, banging his head on the door jab or quilt rack..not sure which one. I heard a thud, but assumed he had just bumped into something. When he didn't come in within a few seconds and didn't answer me, I got up and found him on the floor.

Don't believe he ever lost consciousness but he had so much pain immediately, then nausea and inability to tolerate any light at all. Since he was dizzy I didn't want to chance trying to get him to the car by myself, so called 911. The crew arrived very quickly and after determining he needed to go to the ER, said they would help get him in our car if I was comfortable driving him myself and avoiding the cost of transport. I thought that was very thoughtful of them, but it is the kind of good service we've come to expect from them. Unfortunately we've had to call them several times in the last two or three years.

So we spent a little over 3 hours at the hospital. A catscan didn't show any bleed and the doctor said it was "just" a concussion. Sent him home with pain meds and instructions for me to wake him up every two hours.

Of course with Tom's diabetes we then had to deal with a plummeting blood sugar and the need to get some food in him before he could even think about trying to sleep.

He's doing better this morning, has been up and eaten a light breakfast and back to bed for awhile.

Whew.................I'm getting too old for excitement like this.

On the quilty front.... another Dutch Treat done a couple days ago now. It's called Tiara.

The February blocks for My Secret Garden BOM

This one is called Rosebud

Honey Bee..this block seems to be cropping up in everything I do recently.

Star Dahlia

I realized this is pretty much the same block I used for a quilt for my oldest granddaughter a few years ago. But it was set on point with filler triangles in the corners and called Double Aster.

Hope tonight is less exciting.


Barb said...

What a night for sure!!! You need a nap. I always love your blog and your blocks, you do such wonderful work.

karenfae said...

thanks for the lemonade award Mary - I will look later and see what I have to do to get it posted on my blog. Sorry you had a rough night with Tom and glad it was just a concussion and not a fracture. Sounds like a scary evening. We had bad storms here also, but not until the middle of the night and I admit I slept through most of it. So glad it wasn't the tornado's - it does seem to be here early this season.

Littlebit said...

I am so very sorry about your husband. I pray everything will be well. I did hear about those tornadoes in Oklahoma..I'll take the snow any day, but being in the heartland, we have certainly had those warnings many times. Your quilt blocks are absolutely beautiful! Marsha

Linda said...

Keeping you in our thoughts & prayers!
Your quilt blocks turned out great! Love the fabric combo!

Sunna Reyr said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that. I hope all goes well and you both get some rest. And although all the blocks are beautiful I think the purple block is the best, it's amazing how turning them on point can give them a whole new and often better look.

Donna said...

I missed this post, Mary. I hope Tom is fine by now, and you both have gotten rested.

I love your blocks. They are just beautiful!