Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Quilting Tornado

Somewhere along the line one of my local guild members referred to me as a "quilting tornado", either indicating that I get a lot done or that my work is a disaster..not sure which! The former is certainly not the case in recent months.

Last year our guild challenge was to create a new personality block. When I joined the guild in 2004 everyone used the pattern below to create their block. These are held by the guild and shown at the monthly meeting during your birthday month. They are also displayed at our annual quilt show and always seem to be a crowd favorite.

This was my first block. I attempted to show my various interests of crocheting, gardening, baking and of course quilting.

For last year's challenge our guild was generously given permission from Amy Bradley to use her Quilter's Yearbook patterns.

I had more than a little difficulty getting inspired since I'm really not a very creative or original person. All I could think of was being called a "tornado" this is what I came up with first. I drew my own pattern, rather than using one of Amy's heads. It did look like me..almost too much since everyone else was making caricatures of themselves. And the "tornado" of quilts coming out of my head blended into the background fabric too much. I wasn't happy with it, though now it hangs on my sewing room wall and doesn't look too bad.

For my second attempt I used a less busy background. This time I used one of Amy's head templates more or less. After it was done I decided I looked distinctly Oriental. What do you think? At any rate I ran out of time and this was the one I turned in.

This is the display of personality blocks at last year's quilt show. I wish more members had elected to make one. They really were a hoot, don't you agree?

Yesterday was not very productive, quilting wise anyway. I spent most of the afternoon doing our tax returns. Now if one final tax form would arrive in today's mail (as it's supposed to by law) then I can e-file and be done with that for another year.
Last night I finished two more Dutch Treat blocks.

Nine Patch

Time Warp
Happy Saturday!


Barb said...

The squares of yourself were very did a great job.

Littlebit said...

After looking at your stuff, I'd argue with anyone who thinks "tornado" means anything other than fast. I love your personality blocks--VERY creative! I wish I had half your imagination. Marsha

Cindy P said...

That first block looks EXACTLY like you! I like your second block too, but the first one is perfect. And you say you are not an artist.

I hope you got your W-2 or 1099 or whatever, but the law is they have to be POSTMARKED by Jan 31. Yes, Mary dear, I am positive that in your previous life you had them ready and mailed by Jan 2. I got mine out Tuesday. This week. I just could not make myself do them. I know people were waiting. And not very patiently either, I suspect!



Anonymous said...

You are definately my favorite "quilting tornado" but you need to confess that you kept me shopping on Saturday for fabric and other goodies until you had to feed my diabetic low blood sugar with some of our favorite baby back ribs. Love you lots, even from Dodge. T.