Friday, January 9, 2009

First Finish

I have my first finish of the year. It's sort of a combination new project/UFO I think.

Yesterday afternoon I was doing more piddling..sorting through containers on one of my shelving units. Three years ago I managed to get involved in thirteen (gulp) BOMS's. I actually finished all but two of them, if by finished you count making all the blocks. Seven are now totally finished quilts and the rest are either tops waiting to be quilted or blocks waiting to be set together.

In order to keep track of them all I stored the fabrics being used for each in plastic shoe-box style containers. So I was sorting through those yesterday and found the remaining fabric from this project . I thought I'd go ahead and cut it up to add to my bins of squares. As I was doing that it occurred to me that there was way more than enough to make a little miniature. So being the easily distracted person that I can sometimes be, I did just that.

So was this a new project or a UFO? Dealing with the left over fabric was an unfinished I'm saying it's both! Plus I used an extra block for the back..I just added extra fabric to increase the length a bit. That definitely goes in the category of UFO, right?

So here's the finished mini.. It's 10 1/2" X 14 1/2". I pieced and quilted it yesterday afternoon. Finished the hand stitching on the binding last night. Maybe it will make a cute gift someday.

Here's a close up of the quilting before I did the straight line quilting in the four patches.
And another closeup after it was washed this morning.

The pieced back using a left over block. Those aren't HST's that I messed up totally in the bottom corners, they're the fast finish triangles ala Ami Simms that I always use on wallhangings.

And finally the Dutch Treat Block I finished last night. This one is called Spinning Wheel.


Bizarre Quilter said...

Your dutch treat blocks are coming along really well.

I'm not familiar with the book/quilt. I must investigate!

Loz in Oz

Donna said...

Your mini is so pretty! We've been gone to CA, so I missed it somehow. The Dutch treat blocks are looking great!